VENT Studio themed classes are a member favorite!

You can catch us rocking out to Beyonce for Women’s Empowerment day, preparing for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse with our Halloween-themed Zombie Readiness trainings, or challenging our strongest to test their might, during #TheGRIND. Bottom line: We LOVE our themed classes! Check out our upcoming themed classes and “words of the week” below! 



Check out the STUDIO weekly themes:



October 17 – METAL MAYHEM
Show your horns! Metal up your workout with our heaviest mix

October 18 – NICKI vs. CARDI
Choose your side as the two most (in)famous ladies in hip hop square off in our exclusive playlist

October 24 – 31 –  Trick or Treat
Choose your fate — draw a random strength exercise from our bowl of treats


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